Evaluation 1

Evaluation Q1

In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I chose the genre of thriller for my opening, after examining a variety of films of this genre it soon became clear to me that many of them share similar themes and conventions. For example both Lady in the cage and The Conjuring pocess many events that take place in a regular family home developing this idea 7 people in my target audience research survey said that this is the location where they would expect to see a thriller take place,although this statistic is lower than both inner city and the woods I wanted to utilise a fairly popular conventional location because my second loaction is so out of the box and unexpected. After watching some award winning thriller films such as The Shallows and Jaws the location of the beach really appealed to me especially living on such a beautiful island. Such a beautiful location forms a complete juxtaposition to the gritty content of the opening. Thrillers are characterized and defined by the moods they elicit giving viewers heightened bursts of emotion such as anxiety fear and excitement. A wide variety of thrillers are known for being particularly current and thematic exposing real life problems admist a wide age group from teens to adults. My thriller encorporates the ongoing issues of drugs and alcohol admist todays youth. Bringing to light these raw edgy problems I believe will provoke an emotional response from viewers thus fufilling the role of a thriller. Furthermore when interviewing my elder teenage brother he said that a successful thriller must keep you on the edge and encoroporate high’s and lows I hope that this is evident in my opening as I have intended to encorporate a lot of light and shade. In terms of costuming the most frequent response was ripped grotty clothing closely followed by regular casual clothing. When examining other thrillers such as Don’t Breathe or The Bourne films it is evident that casual clothing is a regular occurence however rips and dirt can be used of clothes to represent a variety of social classes. When interviewing my brother he said that he would expect to see quite urban baggy clothes. All of this research taken into consideration I dressed my characters in clothes that formed an almost half way house between all of the responses. The girls all wore baggy clothing with the main antagonist sporting a striking red jacket so as to symbolise danger, each girl wore regular black jeans or shorts I wanted them to display a chilled out beach vibe, I took inspiration from what one usually see’s the youth wear on Jersey’s beaches as i wanted the characters to be relatable another essential and intricate part to a thriller.  When deciding on what characters I wished to encorporate I took inspiration from my target audience research survey where 28% of people (the highest percentage) said that they would expect to see an attacker, following on from this 24% of people said that they would expect to see a victim. My storyline is centred around two attackers who take prey on their own ‘friend’ thus utilising the roles of attackers and victim. I chose to use teenage girls as I think that relatable characters are particularly appealing to today’s youth.



Evaluation Q7

Evaluation question 7

Looking back at your preliminary Task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Early on in the media course I completed a preliminary task. Being completly new to the concept of editing and camera work this task was used as a starter that would make us aware of the 180 degree rule, match on action and shot-reverse shot very heavily important factors to encorporate when filming. Looking back at my prelimary task the shots taken were not always clear for example you could not always view the persons face as well as body, furthermore the editing was a bit static and erratic where as now I have learnt how to use a wide variety of editing and how to merge my clips together so that they prove more aesthetically pleasing and smooth. I have also learnt that if dialogue is to be included one must record this on a phone and then transfer the sound onto a laptop as the sound on the camera is not particularly clear.  What’s more I utilised music that was not entirely fitting to the content on the piece however in contrast to this in my opening I used an intense orchestral instrumental that follows the piece nicely building as the climax of the piece occurs which will provoke an emotional audience response.  I have widened my horizons in terms of post production such as titles. My confidence has developed in terms of adding titles in after effects a neccessity to fit in with the conventions of a typical thriller. I practiced adding titles to a scene of Mission Impossible, and Perfume. Each of these films helped me to learn about the appropriatness of different font across different genres. Previous to this I created a timeline of titles from the film ‘Gone Girl.’ This was extremly valuable as I learnt how long titles typically last. Moving on from this we were assigned a mundane task which formed a stepping stone between the preliminary task and filming our openings. It mean that we got to experiment with filming from a variety of different angles and use editing that could make a boring everyday task appear exciting. In my preliminary task some of my shots were out of focus however now I understand the importance of always having shots in focus and that it is not always necessary for continuity edditing to be utilised the whole way throughout the piece. For some of my scans of the beach in my final film I used a gimble this allowed me to have more freedom and movement than using a camera on a tripod.

Evaluation Q6

What have you learnt about Technologies from the process of construction this product?

I used a variety of types of equipment and programmes throughout the process of construction my product, which has enabled me to learn a great deal and develop new technology skills. I used a canon 1100D camera to film I soon learnt about the different settings on this camera and that I could adjust the aperture so as to control how much light was let into my footage. Additionally I utilised a GoPro gimble so that I could take scans of the beach that would be fluent and steady. A programme that I have found invaluable in the construction of my product was Adobe Premier Pro it has allowed me to cut and edit footage together so as to achieve my overall vision. I also used Adobe After Effects to create my Ident I followed a tutorial on video-copilot in order to do this. I also used online sites such as Vimeo and a wordpress blog. I created a Vimeo account so that I could upload my videos and then embed them into my work so that they could be easily viewed.

Evaluation Q5


Evaluation question 5

How did you attract/ address your audience?

After analysing both my target audience research survey and my target audience interview it soon became clear to me that my target audience would be 15-25 year olds as this was where most of my research came from. It soon became clear to me that a family home was a popular and conventional place for a series of events to take place in a thriller. This also became clear when examining alternative thriller films. Although not one response said that the beach would be a conventional place for a thriller to be filmed I think that young people will be attracted to something cutting edge and new. When interviwing my brother he said that a sucessful storyline must contain highs and lows something that keeps you on your toes. This has been taken on board and I believe my thriller pocesses just enough thrills and stills. I then chose to include a variety of predictable elements such as an attacker and victim however I chose to challenge stereotypes and utilise a female antagonist hoping this would attract femaile viewers. After much research it soon became clear to me that a 15 age rating was typical of a thriller I have decided to utilise this age rating as I would not want the gritty content of my film to negatively impact younger viewers.

Evaluation Q3

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product?

A production company provides the physical basis for works in the realms of performing arts,new media art, film,television,radio,and video. It is also essential that one is aware that  a production company handles scripting,budgeting,scheduling,production,post production and marketing of the work. In order to make sure all of these essential factors are attended to a very experienced institution must be utilised.  I researched some of the best known film production companies such as Universal Pictures an American film studio owned by Comcast. it is the world’s fouth oldest surviving production company following Gaumont,Pathé and Nordisk. I would be interested in this institution distributing my film as they have produced award winning film of a similar style such as Jaws and Psycho. Much of my inspiration came from Jaws it sparked the idea of a beach setting. Paramount Pictures is an American film studio based in Hollywood,California. in 2014 paramount pictures became the first major hollywood studio to distribute all of its films in digital form only. It has produced some extremly prestigeus films such as ‘The Titanic’ and ‘Mission Impossible.’ Ideally I would have once of these two companies distribute my films as my target teenage and young adult audience are interested in dynamic special effects and lavish high tech sets these institutions have the funds to support this and many funds for promoting my film and publisising it.

I think that by choosing an independent film company i would be putting myself at a disadvantage as they often produce outside of the major film studio system following on from this they sell them on in post production. In order to attract my target audience I would need to have access to uquipment of a high quality so as to produce respectebel content. If I decided to utilise an independent company I would try and proomote my films at film festivals and sell it to netflix so as to try to make up for the money being spent on high tech equipment. I would also use a crowd funding website such as kick starter to help fund production costs.

Evaluation Q2

2. How does your media product reperesent certain social groups.

A social group is defined as two or more people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics and collectively have a sense of unity.  My main characters are played by three teenage girls, who at first appear a regular group of friends however, some serious underlying problems are present.  I compared the victim of the opening played by Lexi to the character ‘Bella’ in the hit Netflix Series ’13 Reason’s Why’, as both characters embody the role of a casualty that experience unfair treatment from girls aspiring to acheive ‘queen bee’ roles.  I believe that this clique of girls represents an average group of today’s female teengage society as the power struggle that they possess is an ongoing occurence for teenage girls.  When speaking to others about what they would expect a regular teenage girl to wear, the most frequent resonse was jeans and a jumper, therefore by clothing the girls in these garments they further form part of today’s Middle Class Society.  I cast my three actresses as they each have very individual and unique looks, however, the two predators played by Zara and Tash both have blonde hair, therefore abiding to socitey’s steriotype of a female attacker being blonde.  This can be further emphasised through films such as ‘Atomic Blonde’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’.  I found it interesting to contradict the sterotype that males are predominantly presented as the predators in films and replaced that with the power of envy.  My Father played the ‘deliverer’ of the dreaded note, he is 6’2 feet  tall and quite broad, thus fulfiling the typical look of an intimidating male.